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In today's day and age, people are trying to move further into the outskirts of many suburban areas, trying to be closer to the wilderness and escape the population.  As for any disaster, you should have a bug out kit or bag ready as well as an emergency communications plan.  If you live in one of these urban interface areas, you should have your landscape designed with fire safety in mind, including fire mitigation on your property and designed with flame resistant plants and materials.

Any person in their right mind should steer clear of an active wildfire, however, if you get caught, here are some tips and helpful information that could save your life.

If you get caught in your car during a fire, it is best to stay in it., Close all windows and vents.  If you have to park, find an area with sparse vegetation and few trees, and do not leave the car running.  As you travel, do not drive thru the heaviest smoke, it can cause internal issues within the mechanical operation of the vehicle.

If you are caught on foot, head for sparsely vegetative areas or to the opposite side of the mountain.  If the fire is on steep terrain, avoid the valley slopes that act as chimneys.

If you are caught in your home and cannot escape, leave all doors closed but unlocked and keep the whole family together and calm.  Work together as a team and you can handle anything that comes your way.

It may be possible to use a fire to fight itself.  Usually left to the professionals, by using the fuels ahead of a fire and igniting it, the larger fire will catch that point and lose momentum and become more manageable to escape thru.  You always must be prepared to evacuate your home or camp on a moments notice,  Are you prepared?

Wild Fires