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Homesteading is defined as a self-sustaining lifestyle, usually including food production, preservation, and making most of your own products for consumption and barter.  Off grid living can usually be associated with a homesteader or self-preservationist.

Having the right land for your homestead is a very important, it needs to be safe and secure if there is a societal collapse, and have enough usable space for gardening and raising livestock.  Other considerations to take into account while choosing your property should be accessibility for yourself and others as well as the ability to hunt and gather, a source of firewood and constant year-round water supply.

Even those who desire to begin this lifestyle can look at it from 2 completely different sides, the first being a person who is economically down on their luck, the second being a self made retiree who has the working capital to build the infrastructure needed for this magnitude project.  If you have the desire to begin a self-subsistence lifestyle but you live in an urban setting, you can still start today.  Little steps can go a long way in reducing your dependency on society, regardless if it is a small sunny window sill herb garden, a raised vegetable garden in your back yard, or installing a wood stove or wood burning insert into your home.  Check your local laws, maybe a chicken coop put into your yard will provide your family with farm fresh eggs and a source of meat as well.  

Begin by prioritizing your needs and goals of your homestead.  Will you produce all of your own food or just supplement it? Do you need to provide a means of power or running water?  Will you have an income or barter for all of your goods that you cannot produce?  After researching all of your needs and wants, then you are ready to find a piece of land that will suit your future.