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When it comes to Zombie Weapons, everyone has their own personal favorites, and it broadly varies by the way each of us defines the word “zombie”.  While we here at CZO will definitely respect each person’s opinion, we will also pass on what we believe to be some of the most viable weapons for the risks we face in our society today.  We want to bring all the Weapons and accessories together for comparison and purchase so we have what you are looking for.
Just as all of the other topics, when choosing your weapon you need to know what you are defending or protecting.  So assess your needs and then prepare yourself accordingly.
For home defense, a handgun is one of the best pieces of protection you can own.  But please remember that any weapon you may use against a criminal, can be taken away and used against you.  Also if you have children it needs to be in a safe place and secured where they do not inadvertently injure themselves or others.  When using a handgun for home defense purposes, use a home defense round that is designed not to penetrate multiple walls causing damage, harm, or injury to others around you.
For those of us who believe there is the possibility of having to battle the un-dead, a swift and silent means can be more beneficial.  A full tang sword or machete can easily do the dirty work while not drawing the attention of other walkers that may be around.  A crossbow gives you a longer range and is still silent and can be devastating.
Last but not least, some heavier firepower, whether society agrees or not, we have the constitutional right to bear arms and protect our country.  This right allows us to defend ourselves from hoards of intruders using assault rifles very similar to the one our nation’s soldiers use to protect our freedoms and ways of life.   
We will continue to expand this page and give you many different varieties of defense weapons as new ones become available, we will keep these products in our rotation as well.

Zombie Weapons