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For those who don't know, S.H.T.F. is an acronym for when the S*** Hits The Fan. Pretty self-explanatory. A plan for what to do in that eventuality is a must. Whether it's a brief power outage or a catastrophic collapse of all infra­-structure, your plan should cover everything from 'how you get/keep food and water' to 'where you sleep at night' and finally 'how you defend what you have'.All plans are different. What works here in Colorado probably wouldn't work elsewhere. That's why it's so important to build a plan of your own. You can find many resources here to help you build a plan based on your geography, abilities, resources, and present company.

Your S.H.T.F. plan should include a geographic meeting point the whole family knows, so if anyone gets separated during an evacuation, a prearranged rendevoux point is set.

So as you build your plan use the following acronym: protection, get yourself out of harms way; location, prepare a shelter and a way to signal for help; acquisition, find food and water to supplement your supplies; navigation, hopefully a good navigation device will keep you from harms way or free you from a life threatening situation.

A group that is going to be banding together must have planned and/or be willing to do so.  If you know who your group is, you should have frequent meeting and all continue to understand what the ultimate goal of the group will be and what steps are going to be necessary in order to achieve these goals.  If the group does not agree with how a plan is going to be executed, it can cause disention  among members which ultimately can mean a whole different need for survival skills and self defense, as well as a rift breaking a strong group into many little parts.

SHTF Plans