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Survival Skills

Survival is more than just skills, it is also a state of mind.  The true survivalist is always working a constantly evolving plan based upon their surroundings.  Whether it is being able to conduct life-saving first aid or feed and provide shelter for a stranded party to help them survive the elements.  A survivalist understands that everything can change direction in a moment’s notice, but they will also be able to adapt quickly to overcome those changes. Where are you planning on surviving?  Are you going to be in the suburbs a large city?  Or maybe you will be in a rural farming community (yes they do still exist.) where the impact will not be anywhere as severe because they are used to living without all of the day to day amenities.  In order to understand how you will survive can only be answered after you have decided the setting in which you will. Surviving also includes skills of providing the essentials fire, water, shelter and once you have gotten these necessities, then you can fulfill your other needs as the time is allotted. In order to survive, you need to be in a location that makes it possible to provide the essentials of life, but will you still have that ability if the Russians invade the United States? Or even worse…What if zombies invade??? Do you have a backup plan?  Someday your survival may lead you to have to abandon all of your preps…The decision was made, you have left everything behind, now, do you have the skills to survive? Maybe you have a shelter built with power, water, food and communications…but are you mentally ready to re-enter whatever type of society that may exist after 36 months of underground living in seclusion, not witnessing many of the atrocities that may have been taking place in the world.  All of these are very real possibilities.  As you finish reading this sentence, Click, the power grid fails, what’s your plan?...How will you survive? If zombies were to infect the ones you love…will you have the mental ability to do what needs to be done?  Are you a true survivor…