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Make preparations in advance ... you never have trouble if you are prepared for it. -- Theodore Roosevelt

Disasters can be man made or acts of nature, but regardless of the cause, they can be quite catastrophic to people and property.  Because a winter storm or a tsunami can hit with very little to no warning, it is important to be prepared wherever and whenever you go.  There are many different ways to be ready, but it also means being familiar with your surroundings.

 If you spend any time in an office, it is important to know your buildings evacuation routes as well as where and medical supplies or fire extinguishers are located, as well as where to meet following any incident.  If you are in a tornado prone area, or an unsecured building, you may choose to keep all of the space under your desk clear in case you need to take cover from a storm or a possible shooting rampage.  

Since you use your car to commute and run around as life dictates, you should also always have additional supplies in your car.  While the exact needs for you may change as the seasons do, if you will be travelling in your car to another location, be familiar with the disasters that can strike the area you will be visiting.  Use the features of your car to your advantage, like always keep over a half of a tank of gas in the vehicle, because if power goes out or you are stranded in a blizzard, it could save your life.  Also, use the trunk space as a large secure cache for additional supplies and tools.

While the average person spends at least half of their day at home, it is the place where the majority of your disaster preps are accessible and feasible.  At home you should have 3 days worth of food water and other necessities on hand at any given time, and if your concerns reflect the way our climate and society is changing, you will have much more than that readily available.

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