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Colorado Zombie Outpost

Shelter is one of the necessities and first priorities of a survival situation.  Your shelter will provide you with shade, protection from the wind and rain and other elements , and help you keep warm.  Your body needs rest, especially in a survival scenario, to keep your mind functioning right and your body functioning well.  They type of shelter you construct depends on what resources you have at your disposal and how long you will be in that situation.  To take the time and energy to create a well built shelter will pay off for you in relaxation for the body and mind.  

Choosing a location for your camp should be based on several logical needs.  First off, you need to be  close to the other provisions you will need including food, water and firewood.  Other things to keep in mind when choosing your location are to not be on top of a hill open to exposure from the elements, but also not to be in the bottom of the valley where the risks of flash flooding can occur, and where the cool air masses will settle in making the conditions miserable.  If possible you also want to avoid hillside terraces that can collect water and not be on a regularly used game trail where you may become the prey, and the last thing you need is to have to fight off a hungry predator.

Now that a location has been selected, it is time to choose the type of shelter you will construct.  All of the materials are around you, just think outside of the box.  If there is a tree that has fallen over with the roots in tact, the hole it created with some additional sticks and earth can protect all you have inside, even a paracord bracelet and emergency blanket can provide you with a waterproof and adequate short term shelter.

More to come in the near future...