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First aid is the immediate care given to a person following an injury or sudden illness and the ability to perform these procedures is an absolute necessity in any survival situation. The aim of first aid is to preserve life, to prevent the condition from worsening, and to promote as fast a recovery as possible. Without it, even the most minor injury can quickly turn into an extremely painful death. To be able to give effective first aid you must follow a systematic plan and prioritize needed actions. Your top Priority in any medical emergency should be to check the scene for possible dangers to you or the victim such as fires, dangerous fumes, downed power lines, or the walking dead. You will not be able to help the person if you become a victim yourself so ALWAYS put your own safety first. Eliminate the danger if you can or remove the victim from the situation. Your next priority should be to get the victim to the most ­qualified medical professional available. If this isn't possible, then the most qualified person becomes YOU. There is no substitute for professional medical training and the best way to prepare for a real ­life emergency is to take a practical course in first aid. This is available through your local chapter of the American Red Cross or National Safety Council; courses may also be taught in community centers, churches, or at your workplace. A good first aid kit and the knowledge to use it will give you the ability to clean wounds, set broken bones, and treat burns, all of which greatly raises your over all odds of survival.

First Aid

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