If you're prepared for zombies, You're prepared for anything!

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Two terms that are often confused are "teotwawki" and "shtf", but they have completely different meanings.  When you are preparing for a shtf scenario, you are preparing for a short term event which will cause more inconveniences to your days than a life altering or society altering event.  "Teotwawki" prepping is a completely different ballgame.  Think about it...if "the end of the world as we know it" event were to occur, it could easily set civilization back at least 100 years.  Do you and your family  or group have the skills to start from scratch and be completely self reliant?

Some of the teotwawki scenarios could be:

  • Super Nova blast
  • Nuclear war
  • Asteroid impact
  • Yellowstone super volcano eruption
  • World wide pandemic
  • Glacial period or Ice age
  • terror attack
  • Civil disobediance

These are just some of the mega disasters that we do face in our daily life and threaten our survival and can change everything we know.  To begin preparing for this type of scenario, there are multiple steps you can take.

  1. Start small, prepping is a lifestyle more than a hobby and it will continue to evolve as the scenarios change.
  2. Prepare for the most likely scenarios, whether that is based on your geographic location or what you believe.
  3. Start training NOW.  Everyday we procrastinate we are one step closer to that event taking place.  If you have to chop wood to keep your family from freezing to death in a remote cabin in the mountains, it is extremely strenuous just as is every aspect of a self subsistence lifestyle. If your are not physically prepared, you will not survive.
  4. Train you brain. nothing is going to be easy and your stress levels will be twice what they are now or you will face complete solitude which can drive a person insane as well.
  5. Be prepared to bug out. whether you practice it with your group of are vigilantely ready to go at all times.  You have to have a plan and update it every 6 months or so.
  6. Keep it simple!

You have to have realistic expectations and obtainable goals.  Have you team educated and continue to practice and function as a team that knows the basics of cpr -first aid - shooting -etc...  If any aspect of your plan is not working, don't be afraid to change it, or you can make changes based on your evolving threat analysis.  During your preparations, build your self a good library covering all of the needs you will face including hunting, cooking, trapping, gardening and much more.

Don't get discouraged and give up.  You will do no one any good by doing this, experiment, just because any one person tells you that you cant do something a certain way, doesn't mean you cant customize it to reach your objective.  Continue to inventory  your supplies as well as your skills and continue to fill gaps in both.