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Earthquakes are impossible to predict, and when the ground starts shaking it can be one of the scariest and destructive natural disasters that can occur.  If your geographic location happens to make you more prone to these catastrophic events, then its is recommended by experts around the world that you have a preparedness kit, and have your home as prepared as it can be, and practice your earthquake drills with your family on a regular basis.  All 50 states can experience earthquakes, so in your travels if you are ever caught in one remember drop, cover and hold on.  The first thing to do is drop to your knees, make sure you are not near windows or heavy unsecured objects, cover your head, and hold on to any sturdy structure.  If you are outside when it happens, stay away from large structures and objects that may be weakened and collapse, killing anything underneath them.  After everything stops shaking, you need to assess the damage and find a way to safety.  A common factor related to earthquakes are aftershocks.  While aftershocks are usually not as strong as the initial quake, they can still cause significant damage to structures that were already weakened and injury or death to first responders.  Keep yourself safe so you dont become a victim as well.

Anyone who lives along the coast has more that just the damage caused by the quake.  It is not uncommon for earthquakes to cause tsunamis.  If the alarms and tsunami warnings are issued, immediately take measures to prepare for a series of large waves which prompted the warning.  Other hazards you may encounter after an earthquake are large fires, gas leaks, water main breaks and widespread power outages, and the possibility of administering first aid to those who are injured.  For more information please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency website for more information and recommendations.