If you're prepared for zombies, You're prepared for anything!

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 By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. –Ben Franklin

 Why prepare for zombies?

​This is a very interesting question.  A person who considers themselves intelligent and well-grounded might say that they would NEVER prepare for zombies, but a cursory check of the facts shows this attitude to be neither intelligent, nor well-grounded. 
​The United States Department of Homeland Security recommends that all citizens have 3 to 5 days of supplies on-hand in case of terrorist attack.  Federal, State, and local governments all recommend having supplies on-hand in case of an extended power failure or some natural disaster that would require you to stay in your home.  These same government agencies also recommend that you be prepared to evacuate quickly, taking only what you need to survive.  So how do you prepare for all of these different disaster scenarios?  Simple;  you prepare for Zombies.      While the possibility of actually facing the walking dead may be remote, if you’re prepared for it, then you’re prepared for ANYTHING.  Everything you keep with your apocalypse supplies from food and water to weapons and ammunition for self-defense can be used in any emergency situation.  By preparing for Zombies you’ll be ready to either move or stay put as the situation demands.  The CZO is dedicated to helping “preppers” in any way that we can, from Zombie and tactical tips, to information on first aid and food storage; if it helps you survive the apocalypse you’ll find it through us.  So why prepare for Zombies?  Because preparing for disaster is a necessity of the times we live in….preparing for Zombies just makes it more fun.