If you're prepared for zombies, You're prepared for anything!

Colorado Zombie Outpost


​1) Never assume the physical capabilities of your enemy. Just because most movies portray zombies to be slow­ moving and uncoordinated, doesn't mean that would be the case in an actual apocolypse. There are numerous scenarios in which a zombie could be not just fast and coordinated, but also very strong. NEVER ASSUME.

​2) The only good zombie is a dispatched zombie. Every member of the walking dead that you encounter should be taken down. Don't get lazy. The zombie you don't "kill" today, may just be the one dining on you tomorrow.

3) Leather is your friend. While sleeveless shirts and shorts look good on TV, clothing like that offers little or no protection from the undead. Leather and other heavy fabrics will help protect you from bites as well as shield you from zombie body fluids. You may be hot but at least you won't be eaten.

4) Know and maintain your weapons. In the midst of a zombie hoard is a bad time to realize you don't know how to clear a jammed rifle, or to remember that you didn't sharpen your machette. It's cliche, but take care of your weapons and they'll take care of you.

5) Choose your compatriots carefully. The last thing you want is to survive a zombie hoard just to be shot by some idiot that doesn't know how to handle a gun. Remember: stupid people do stupid things.

6) Maintain yourself. Eating and drinking are, of course, your number one priorities, but rest is equally as important. In a tired or weakened state you're of no use to anyone, particularly yourself.

7) If you build it, they will come. While the idea of a defendable fortress is a cool one, its not very practicle. If you happen to have the financial means to build a self ­sufficient underground facility and stock it with 3 to 5 years of food and water, then you can disregard rule number seven...otherwise keep reading. If you defend a fortress against a large number of zombies the noise created would draw more zombies and require you to defend your fortress more. This would draw more zombies and so on, and so on. Since zombies never get tired or run out of ammunition, it's just a matter of time before you're on the menu.

8) Avoid large groups of people. Large groups are slower, make more noise, are more easily spotted, and are smellier. Also, with a large group you start to have personality conflicts amongst the members. As if the prospect of being eaten wasn't enough.

9) Stay mobile. There's a reason people don't eat cheetah burgers. The harder you are to catch, the harder you are to eat.
10) Avoid areas of large population. Stick to suburbs and small towns. There are currently 8.34 million people living in New York City alone. Do we need to say more?

11 Travel light. An outbreak that happens fast is going to leave tons of canned and dried foods in peoples homes, as well as stores and delivery trucks. You're better off to carry a means to purify water and get your food along the way. If the outbreak happens slowly, and people have a chance to hoard, you'll have to look a little harder, but you'll find it. After all, the majority of the population wants to eat you, not beef jerky.

12) Keep your head, shoot them in theirs. With a little practice, a person with an assault rifle and a calm head can take down as many as a hundred zombies per minute. With a lot of practice that number can double.