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If you are living in a active volcanic environment, or just travelling thru one, there are several important pieces of information you must keep in mind. First, a volcanic eruption can be accompanied by or trigger several other catastrophic events including rock and mudslides, acidic rain and flying debris, depending on the type of eruption.As with other disasters, if your geo-climate includes volcanoes, you need to have a pre-built preparedness kit and a family evacuation plan and communication plan.

If an eruption has taken place or is an impending threat, No matter how beautiful it is to look at, stay away from the flowing lava.  There may be soft spots you can fall thru or the glass like surface created as the magma cools may be slick and cause you to lose your footing.  Another thing to watch out for are colcanic plugs and domes inside of the craters that can explode with out warning.

Areas that could be or are emitting gasses should always be avoided.  Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide and hydrogen Sulfide will kill you quietly and quickly, even if you think you can hold your breath, you probably cant and wont live to tell about it.  

Volcanoes erupt sending volcanic missiles in to the air, these can be the size of pebbles or small cars coated with molten lava a considerable distance.  Volcanic ash will be airborne at the same time, but don't be fooled, it is not actually ash at all.  it is usually composed of ground up and pulverized rock blown out of vents by high pressure steam and gasses.  The ash can be acidic, and abrasive to a person, and smothering to other plants and animals.  Another issue we come across when we are dealing with volcanic ash is the weight.  If you are in a small unsupported structure, you should continue to try to keep the ashes cleared of the roof to prevent collapse.

​Volcanic Eruption