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Our nation probably got our biggest wake up call on September 11, 2001. It gave many of our citizens a fear that an attack can take place within the continental boundaries or our country.  If martial law is declared or a shelter-in place order is given to you and your family, will you be able to survive with food, water, and a way to communicate?  What if the terrorist attack falls upon our nations power grid, do you have a way to heat your home, cook your meals, or listen to updates given by the media?  All of these things need to be considered before you are truly prepared for a terrorist attack.  Every day in today's society we have to deal with gun fire, terroristic threats and people who just don't care about the world around them.  

Day after day, our government and civilian resources are fighting off the threat of cyber terrorism on websites and internal servers.  Keeping that in mind, now realize 80%  of the infra structure with in the United States is run out of the civilian world.  Without water, electricity, gas or food, our nation will erupt in mayhem and if it lasts over 1 year, according to some, 98% of our population will not survive.

There are multiple different types of threats we face everyday,  and on the terrorism level, that is no different.  Our reactions must be planned for in advance and a methodical plan should be followed depending on the type of threat.  Dirty bombs, gunmen in schools, hijackings, home made explosives are some examples, others may be biological or chemical based attacks.

Just reviewing they types of threats that we face, should begin to give you an idea what steps should be taken to prepare.  Just like other disasters, you should have a plan, a meeting place, and a disaster preparedness kit stocked for at least 72 hours.  

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