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First aid skills and supplies go hand ­in ­hand as neither one is much good without the other. Having the correct supplies can make the difference between life and death in a medical emergency, and you should always keep a supply of essential first aid materials at home, in your Bug Out bag, and in the car. Store the items in a first aid kit or in a similar type of airtight container and clearly mark the container with a cross so that it is easily recognized. Your kit should also be easily accessible in an emergency but kept away from other medicines and out of the reach of children. Ideally, your kit should be small enough for you to carry easily and you should check and replenish it regularly so that the contents are always kept up ­to ­date. Without a well ­stocked first aid kit, even an emergency room doctor is likely to wind up a compost heap in an apocalypse. While,hopefully, its something you never need to use, your first aid kit quickly becomes the most important item in your bag in the event of an injury.


adhesive bandages
gauze roller bandages
​triangular bandage
gauze dressings
crepe roller bandages
​tubular finger bandage
finger splint
safety pins
adhesive hypoallergenic tape
antiseptic wipes
antibiotic cream
calamine lotion
cold pack
disposable gloves
A face shield, which enables you to give artificial respiration hygienically, is an optional item you may wish to include if you are trained in first aid.

First Aid Supplies