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When it comes to clothing there are LOTS of different and equally effective choices depending on the threat your facing. Heavy, breathable fabrics are always a good choice for just about any scenario. While knowing what to wear is important, it's equally as important to know what not to wear. Wearing clothing that leaves large areas of exposed skin or clothing that fits loosely is apocalypse equivalent to ringing a dinner bell. Not to mention a severe sunburn or a case of frostbite will greatly reduce your chances in any disaster scenario. Today's clothing manufacturers are sort of the equivalent of 1960's rocket scientists. In fact, the science and technology that goes into modern fabrics and designs would probably have boggled NASA's mind back then. One excellent example is a fabric manufactured by UNDER ARMOUR that is super light ­weight and when worn under a shirt, allows your skin to breathe when you're hot, and retains heat when you're cold. The technology of camouflage design has also come a long way since the 1980's. Today's camo patterns are designed by computers that literally use the short comings of your eyes to fool your brain into thinking you don't see anything. A person wearing a ghillie suit can be perfect concealed from any threats, even if they are walking within a few feet and can save you if you are outnumbered or in an open area with little cover. As with most other preps that a person does, the styles of clothing have to be ones that suit your region and a combination of several different types may be wanted, one set of black tactical gear, and a set of regular acu's like our soilders wear. Base it on the needs that suit you.