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You wouldn't drive a Ferarri with bald tires so why would you wear crappy boots on your feet? Hopefully you wouldn't, but too often people over look or under estimate the importance of good footwear. Your feet are one of your greatest attributes but can also be your quickest downfall if you don't take care of them. In any apocalypse or long ­term disaster something as simple as a blister or an in ­grown toe nail will cost you mobility and could possibly cost you your life. Good boots should be comfortable, durable, and (preferably) water­proof. An ARMY may travel on it'sstomach, but a SOLDIER quite literally travels on his feet. The U.S. Army introduced the first official set of military boots in WWII. They were made of synthetic rubber and had a one­piecesole and heel. These were issued until the early years of Vietnam when the military, unsatisfied with how their boots were performing, contracted a company called Wellco to develop a boot that could withstand anything soldiers faced in combat. What they came up with was simply known as the "Vietnam boot" and perfectly fit what the military was looking for. These were used into the1980's when the boot design was changed again to styles designed by Belleville Shoes and Bates Footwear, among others, depending on the type of boot needed. Todays boots come in many different styles and capabilities, so you need to choose carefully based on your preference and/or potential threats. For instance, low ­sided boots can be more comfortable and lighter for long treks, while high ­sided boots provide a bit more protection from rocks, snakes, and of course,ankle ­biting zombies.